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1.Brass Ingot(001).jpg 2.Core Making(001).jpg 3.Gravity Casting(001).jpg

1.Brass Ingot →

2.Core Making →

3.Gravity Casting

6.Chrome Plating(001).jpg 5.Polishing(001).jpg 4.CNC Machine(001).jpg

6.Chrome Plating

← 5.Polishing

← 4.CNC Machine

7.Assembly Line(001).jpg 8.Testing(001).jpg 9.timg(001).jpg
7.Assembly Line → 8.Testing → 9.timg

◆Flow chart of quality inspection  

1.Raw Material Inspection(001).jpg 2. Polishing Inspection(001).jpg 3.Plating Thickness Test(001).jpg

1.Raw Material Inspection →

2. Polishing Inspection →

3.Plating Thickness Test

6. Life Circle Test(001).jpg 5.Salt Spray Test(001).jpg 4.Water Leakage Test(001).jpg

6. Life Circle Test

← 5.Salt Spray Test

← 4.Water Leakage Test

7. Flow Rate Test(002).jpg 8. Blasting Test(002).jpg
7. Flow Rate Test→ 8. Blasting Test